Updates & News

Microbes on mountainsides

We just have a review paper published on line by New Phytologist. In this review, we summarise the literature of mountainous microbes and provide perspetives for future studies. We appreciate a lot of colleagues in helping and supporting our studies on mountainsides in the past 15 years, and are excited to see this piece of work as a milestone for [...] Read more

Biodiversity paper in Nature Communications

We just got a biodiversity-related paper published in Nature Communications. We manipulate nutrient enrichment in aquatic microcosms in subtropical and subarctic mountain regions (China and Norway, respectively) in 2013, and show the interactive effects of temperature and nutrients on microbial diversity along mountain elevation gradients. This [...] Read more

Elevational patterns of biodiversity

We just got a paper on-line, which is about the elevational patterns of microbial biodiversity (Wang et al, In press). In this paper, we sampled six streams for bacteria and diatoms along mountainsides in three regions: one stream in (1) the Balggesvarri Mountain in Norway in 2012, one stream in (2) the Pyrenees Mountain in Spain in 2012, and four [...] Read more