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Lakes in Northern Norway and Finland

In July-August, we sampled small lakes from Northern Norway and Finland. These lakes are covering elevational gradients from 0 to over 1,000 m, with clear changes in temperature. The lakes on high elevations were partly covered by snow during the sampling period. It would be interesting to see how the physicochemical and biological changes from the [...] Read more

Expat Helsinki

To those new to University of Helsinki, download the mannual http://jjwang.name/data/uploads/files/uh_mannual.pdf 芬兰驾照考试:攻略和题库,下载地址 http://jjwang.name/data/uploads/files/Finnish_Driving_Test.pdf

Expat Norman

I outlined some experiences in driver license, car deals etc when I arrived in Norman. Hope it is helpful. # To-Do-List for new IEGers 1, Bank account 2, Internet, OU id card, Email, Internet resources 3, Car, driver license and insurance More details can be found in dropbox: Dropbox Download

Stream, Yak & Man

We sampled streams in Haba Mountain. It was raining in the first two days, which caused huge trouble for the field trip. However, we were lucky in the following weeks with shining sun and sweet weather.

Streams and Islands in Norway

We sampled stream bugs and microbes on islands of North Norway in 2013. The weather was wonderful for camping except for the rain sometimes. But we managed to sample over 100 streams. I am sure I will go back someday.

Camping, Reindear & Food

Field sampling is a kind of camping trip, with natual scences, animal encounters and BBQ. This is especially true for the trip to the North of Finland and Norway.

Tibet, Glacier, Lake & Yak Shit

One landcruiser and four persons. We were on the trip to Tibet-Qinghai Plateau. For me, it was an exciting trip for scenic views more than field samplig of lake microbes. I appreciate to have such an chance.

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